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Maritime Protection Group (MPG)

Maritime Protection Group (MPG) is a partnership of maritime security and vessel management professionals with over 100 years of combined commercial, U.S. Merchant Marine, and U.S. Coast Guard operational experience. 

As former senior leaders in government and commercial shipping, we specialize in providing maritime security and cyber solutions for critical infrastructure facilities, technical managers and ship owners.  




Maritime Security Services

Maritime Protection Group Ltd (MPG).  provides

security escort services and security personnel in

Nigieria and West Africa.  MPG owns our fleet of

security vessels that are chartered to provide

security escort services to Nigieran ports and

offshore terminals. 


Security Escort Services:  Our escort vessels can operate anywhere within the Nigerian EEZ and we routinely conduct escorts to terminals and ports from 200nm offshore.  We can arrange escort services and guards throughout the region and provide seamless protection for our clients.  Our vessels are capable of supporting extended operations and can remain on station for fourteen days or more without the need for resupply.

Logistics Support.  The MPG team in Nigeria can provide logistics support for ships and crew transfers  as necessary to support our clients.

Guard Services.  Though our local office in Lagos, we can arrange onboard security teams for vessels at anchor, in port or while conducting STS Operations offshore.  Additionally, we can arrange onboard security teams in Ghana, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and other West African countries. 



In today’s hyper-connected environment, maritime shipping companies are under constant cyber attack. Not only can cyber threat actors commit financial fraud and manipulate commercial data for smuggling, but they can also compromise shipboard networks and integrated Information Technology/Operations Technology (IT/OT) systems with the intent to deny, degrade, and/or disrupt vessel operations. The consequences can be severe: environmental damage, property loss, regulatory penalties and fines, negative reputational impacts, first- and third-party liability exposure, physical injury, or even death.


Given the recent highly disruptive attacks against shipping companies like Maersk Line, CMA CGM and others, the regulatory playing field continues to evolve as the International Maritime Organization (IMO), U.S. Coast Guard, Flag States and industry-leading organizations develop and implement maritime-specific cyber regulations and guidance, including:


  • IMO MSC Cyber Circular

  • U.S. Coast Guard MTSA & Cyber Circulars

  • U.S. Customs Cyber Requirements

  • BIMCO’s Cyber Security Guidelines (V4)

  • ISO Standard 27001 (Information Security, Cyber Security and Privacy Protection)


To address the rapid evolution of cybersecurity regulations, guidelines and reporting requirements, Maritime Protection Group and HudsonCyber have partnered to deliver a comprehensive, compliant, and cost-effective cybersecurity capability suite for ship owners and technical managers.

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  • Cyber Assessments and Vetting to Guidelines, regulations and standards

  • Cyber Planning and Implementation

  • Maritime-Specific Cyber Computer-Based Training for Facilities and Ships

  • Cyber Exercises (TTX)

  • 24X7 Cyber Incident Response Coordination

CYBER 360 Program


MPG and HudsonCyber have partnered to provide industry leading  maritime cyber security protection, compliance, vetting and training.  Through the use of HudsonCyber's award winning Cyberlogix assessment tool, we provide cost-effective and seamless cyber security compliance to evolving international guidelines and regulation for maritime facilities and shipping companies.  

Smart Security Group (SSG) provides maritime, risk and technology security consulting for facilities and commercial shipping companies around the globe.  SSG has provided hundreds of compliant security and response plans, risk assessments and training for the governments and the maritime sector.  In the area of computer-based training, SSG developed there own maritime-focused learning management system and courses that meet model course and MARAD standards.  SSG is the recognized expert in screening training for cruise ships and port facilities.




For any inquiries, questions please email:

Head Office

Maritime Protection Group Ltd.

Suite 200B, 2nd Floor, Centre of Commerce, One Bay Street, 
P.O. Box N-3944, 
Nassau, Bahamas

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